About Me

Hey! This section is about me, yes me the webmaster of this wonderful *cough cough* nsync site. j/k ok here are my "pen-pal" answers!

Name: Donna
Nicknames: Donna Marie, Dei, and Big D (sports).
Age: 16
Mission: to make a great nsync site that makes people say, "Damn this is a good site! I love it! I will defiantly be back!"
Email: donnansync@hotmail.com
Fave dudes: Joshua Scott Chasez and Chipper Jones.
Hobbies: Webpage/Graphic design, nsync (hehe yeah that's a hobby), volleyball, basketball, and rollerblading!
Pets: Calvin (fat cow..j/k he's a cat), Beauty aka beast (dog), and Goober (last but not least, dog)!
Grade: 12th
TV Shows: Daria, TRL, The Pretender, X-Files, Drew Carey, Who's Line?, and basically any other show nsync is on!
Color: Yellow
Websites (at least the fun ones): N Sync Zone, N Sync Fan Scrapbook, N Sync Fanatic, and It's Just A Little///CRUSH..whew! I really can't make anymore websites, these are taking forever!
Napster (rox) Songs that are on repeat: When You Say Nothing At All-Alison Krauss and Keith Whitley, Girl In The Mirror-Britney Spears, Adam's Song-Blink 182, Whatchu Like-Da Brat and Tyrese, Big Pimpin'-Jay Z, Mirror Mirror-M2M, Children Of The World-N Sync, BSB, Five, and some others...and there is more that I downloaded but I didn't feel like typing them! :)
Cds cycling through my cd player: NSA-nsync, nsync-nsync, writing's on the wall-destiny's child, signifacant other-limp bizkit, oops! i did it again-britney spears, christina aguliera-christina aguliera, freak on a leash-korn, can't take me home-pink, Californacation-Red Hot Chilli Peppers, baby one more time-britney spears, blaque-blaque, fan mail-tlc, never say never-brandy, and winter album-nsync!
Musical Groups: N Sync (of course), Red Hot Chilli Peppers (they rock), Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, Korn, M2M, LFO, and Destiny's Child.
Singers: Christina Aguliera, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Ricky Martin (yes I like his music and him :), Jordan Knight, and I can't think of anybody else at the time.

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