Humorous Fan Fic By Sara

There is from what I can tell three stories! Humorous! They are funny! Please do not be offended by what is said in the stories they are fan fic which equal fan fiction {not true; made up}. I want to give props to Sara for being so nice and sending them into my site! Thanks! hug!

Nsync at K-Mart by Sara

*As the boys walk into K-mart they're stupified! They have never seen 
such an abundant store.*

Lance: WOW! God must've spent a little more time on K-mart! This is 
sooo cool.Come on let's go check out the Barbi... I mean the ummm G.I Joes

Justin: Yo Lance, you dayum hippy girl, da guyz iz gonna check out da 

*Everyone agrees.But Lance.*

Lance: HEY!!! wait a minute! where's the cute little happy face that 
pops down and lowers prices!!!! i want the happy face!!!!! ::Lance bursts 
into tears::

JC: you idiot!! that's wal*mart

Chris excitedly runs down the aisle trying to beat Lance to the 
beautiful pink Barbie bike.

J.C. : hey Chris, does this place sell weed... i mean umm coke? 
coke that is

Chris: :::: riding around on his pink bike:::: I don't know, ask!

Joey: Damn all of you and your pink bikes, Im gonna go pick me up a few 
chicks and grab me a burger. YAYUH!!!

J.C. ::: on the intercom:::: clean up on aisle 4, i threw up.

---Back to the bikes--

*Justin is mad that Chris got his bike, he is a on a PowerPuff bike 
madly chasing Chris*

Justin: Yo, you betta get yo silly ass back heya!

Justin's pedeling as hard as he can on his PowerPuff bike after Chris. 
(This is a Kodak Moment)

*Chris looking back and laughing crashes into a rack of bouncy balls, 
hurting his arm. Meanwhile Justin runs over Chris's arm repeadetdly.*

Chris: ahhhhhhh stop stop stop it hurts man, really

Justin: I told you ta gemme da dayum bike, biatch, butcha didn't listen

*Lance starts crying and eagerly trys to protect Chris*

Lance: I don't know where Joey is, ohhhh there we gooooo. over by the 
MacDonalds pickin up 10 year olds. COOOOOOOL. He is sooooo lucky to be 
sooo hip with the girls.

*Chris is holding his arm in pain, he says the only way to make it 
better is if he starts telling all these gay "Chicken across the road jokes"

Chris: Hey Justin check this out. "Knock Knock"

Justin: Who da hell iz dare?

Chris: ummmm wait a minute i told it wrong,, it's "Why did the chicken 
cross the road"

Justin: Because im gon woop yo dumb azz foo

Chris: Nope! wrong again, the answer is "Because he was a chicken"

Lance:That's not the answer!!!!! It's "To get to the other side, 
that'sa funny joke, some kid told me it yesterday!!! :::::rolling on the floor 

Chris: that's not the answer!!!!!

J.C: Chris shut the hell up! :::wipes the sweat off his face:: Where is 
jerome? He's suppose to meet me here!

Intercom voice: Secrurity, We need security in aisle 4, 5, and 8

:::The guys look at each other, worried:::

Justin: Dayum Chris, see what cha did? Ya gonna get us kicked out uv da 
freakin store

Chris: It isn't my fault! Lance is the one who knocked the stack of 
barbie dolls down!

Lance: You said you weren't going to tell anybody!!

J.C: Shut up you guys! Oh my God, wheres Jerome? ::Eyes wide open:: 
Wheres Joey?

Joey: :::with burger stuffed in his mouth::: ggggrrff

Lance: Huh?

Joey: :::swallows::: I'm right here

Justin: Yo J, Get yo fat azz ova he-ah

:::Joey slowly walks towards Justin::::

Chris: Uh Oh, Securitys here!

J.C: Shit, Jerome isn't even here! We better go guys, this could be bad 
for our rep....not to mention Lou

Justin: She-it, I don't give uh dayum bout Lou, I have a repatation to 
protect, ya'll need to be reconizin'

Joey: Nevermind that, We better run!

Lance: I can't, i'm so bloded and I might break a nail

J.C: I think i'm gonna throw up again.....

Chris: Come on guys, We have no time to waste, lets get outta here!

:::The guys run out the door, secruity right behind them, Joey trips 
over his own to feet and is knocked uncountious, K-Mart has a court order next 
month, but everything is to remain confidential:::

A day with Nsync by Sara

6:04 AM: Nsync is in their limo on their way to practice for their 
concert tomarrow

J.C: *Snores Loudly*

Justin: Yo, ah hafta put a stop to this

*Justin Smacks JC in the face*

J.C: Huh? Whos there? What happened?

Justin: Yo big J, you were snorin louder than mah grandmotha

*The Others Laugh*

Joey: Does anyone have any food?

Chris: For who?

Joey: For me dumbass! Me!

Chris: Your always hungry! we have to get a new scale because of you! 
You broke it!

Joey: My mommy says i'm a growing boy

Justin: Ah think she meant, Grow up mommas boy


*The guys end up ignoring Joey, as they usually do*

JC: *Snore*

Justin: Yo! not again! Wake up Crack Head!

J.C: *Half Asleep* What'd you call me boy? Do ya want some of this?

Justin: Hey! That iz mah line, dont be taken crap that ain't yos foo!

JC: Its not my fault, Lou waked us up so early

Justin: Whatchootalkinbout? He let you sleep in 2 owas

Lance: Just shut up guys

Joey: Oh My God! He speaks!

Lance: Joey, your not funny, you never will be, so shut up!

Justin: Uh oh, looks like Lancie boy has a case of PMS

Lance: I'm gonna slap you if you don't shut your mouth....Foo!

Justin: Hey! watch yo mouf foo,You be giving Nsync a bad name

Lance: *Sniffles* No I don't....

Justin: Whateva foo

Chris: So, what songs are we suppose to sing anyways?

Lance: Geez Chris, I told you before we left the hotel,did you forget 

Chris: Just answer the question numnuts, if you have any that is

Lance: ok, we're gonna sing Tearin up my heart, I just wanna be with 
you, God 
must have spent, I want you back, & Giddy up

Justin: I just wanna be wit choo is mah fav. song ifyaknowwhatahmsayin

Chris: Yeah Justin, We know.....

8:27 AM: The guys are practicing for their concert

*JC is sleeping on a chair*

Lance: Come on JC, we need to practice get up!

JC: But i'm tired

Justin: Yo Big J, ah'm sick and Tired of you bein Sick and tired, get 
up foo!

JC: Want me to come after you punk?

Justin: Want me to expose yo drug use to da world?

JC: Ok fine, I wasn't that tired anyway

Joey: Look you guys, I think I should Sing I just wanna be with you 
first k?

Lance: Go ahead practice it

Joey: *Sings* I just wanna be with food, girl....

*Music Stops*

Chris: JOEY! Its you not food!

Justin: You sure you aint on sumptin jo?

Joey: I'm just hungry!

Lance: But you just ate your breakfast! Including mine and JCs!

Joey: I took JCs food only because his head fell in it

Justin: Thats cuz JCs on to much crack

JC: Do you want some of dis?

Justin: Hey Foo! You be stealin my linez again! dayum

*Lance Starts crying*

Chris: Now what Lance?

Lance: I Miss Toby!

Joey: Get over it! hes dead!

Lance: I need a tissue

Chris: We don't have any

Lance: *Wipes tears from cheek* What do you mean? We're 
Multi-Millionaires, but we don't have tissues?

Justin: Your right bout da Millionaire part bro

JC: Come On guys, lets just get this done, I'm running low, I need to 
talk to Jerome!

Justin: Allready? just got sum yestaday

J.C: When I Stress, I Tend to use more than usual

Justin: Yeah...right

J.C: I have to call Jerome now, wait, wheres my Cell Phone?

Chris: Umm...JC, its in your hand...

J.C: Oh...Well I'm going to step outside for a moment

All Of The Guys: JC WATCH OUT FOR THE........

*JC runs into the door*

Lance: Door....

Nsync at Da Fair

*After Nsync got their tickets, they walk onto the Fair grounds, Joeys 
eyes widen as he sees the food stand*

Joey: Hey guys, look at the food stand! I'm hungry! Lets go get some 
cotton candy!! PLEASE

Lance: Nevermind that! Lets go play some games! Justin, please win my a 
stuffed animal, please??

Justin: HELLS NO! I be goin ta play sum B-Ball wit my boyz, catch ya'll 

*Justin walks over to the Basketball court where the guys watch him 
play basketball alone*

Lance: *Looks hurt* Well then, will somebody ride the Zipper with me? 
Chris, will you?

Chris: *Looks at sign by the Zipper* *Mumbles* You must be at least 
this tall to ride, Please do not ride if you have back pain or heart condition. 
Um, Lance, I don't think I can ride this one

Lance: Why? Fine, I'll ride the Zipper by myself

*Lance gets in line*

J.C: *Sits down on bench* Whew! All this walking can be exhausting, 
lets sit 
down at wait for Lance

Chris: Alright

Joey: You two do what you want, I'm going to the food stand

J.C: *Munmbles* Fat pig

*Meanwhile, J.C and Chris watch Lance, everything goes good until the 
gets started, Lance is beginning to feel queezy*

Lance: Uhhh, stop the ride, stop the ride, i'm not

*Lance throws up, and the ride stops*

* Lance stumbles out of the cage*

Ride Conductor: Are you ok Miss?

Lance: Oh yes, I just had one to many laxitives

Ride Conductor: *Gives Lance a weird look* Um, ok...

J.C: *Runs over to Lance* What were you thinking moron?

Lance: Geez JC, I'm sorry, I didn't know this would happen

J.C: Sorry my ass, come on, lets get fatso over there so we can have 
some fun!

*Just then, Justin comes running behind them,he is out of breathe*


J.C: Huh?

Justin: You heard me boyee, lets go!

*Britney(Spears) runs over and taps Justin on the shoulder*

Britney: Hey Justy!

Justin: *Mumbles* Shit...Oh hey Brit-nay

Britney: Do you wanna, like, go on the Tunnel of Love with me?

Justin: HELLS NO!

*Justin runs away, but Britney chases him*

Britney: Wait Justin!! Come Back!! We were on MMC together! Don't you 

Chris: That woman has got to be stopped

J.C: Your telling me

*Joey comes over, stuffing his face with food*

Joey: Hey guys, I'm outta change, I need more food

J.C: Haven't you ate enough? We're gonna have trouble getting you into 
the car

Lance: *Mimicking Justin* Yo foo, Dis ain't a car, Dis iz da Benz yo!

*JC, Chris, and Joeystare at Lance in aw*

Chris: OMG Lance, You finally said something funny

*The guys crack up laughing*

*JCs Cell Phone rings*

JC: Hello? Jerome, its you! Oh thank God!

JC: What do you mean? I'm out!! You said you'd meet me here!

JC: Damn it Jerome, your just like Justin, always screwing things up

JC: Nevermind that, ok, thats good, alright bye

Chris: Who was that?

Umm, My Doctor, yeah, I'm out of antibiotics, there for..uhhh...stress, 
yeah, stress

Lance: I totally get stressed out too, but only around that time of the 

Joey: *drops his popcorn* Huh? What the....?

Lance: Uhhh, I mean, Only when I, well umm, Wheres Justin?

*Joey points over towards the Love Tunnel*

Joey: Hes over there

*They watch as Britney and Justin get out of the boat, Justins mumbling 
something about his rep, and Britney is hugging and kissing Justin*

Justin: Dayum, all dees fly hunnies be wantin sum of dis, I'm only one 
man she-it, lets get out of here guyz

Joey: Wait! I'm hungry!

JC: Shut up! Get your ass in the car!

Justin: Yo foo, dis aint a car, it iz da Benz yo!

*The guys stat laughing*

Justin: Yo, why you guyz laughing, whut so funny? Are ya'll catchin JCs 
cold or sumpthin?

THE END....yo!