Joey: Oh, JC can we go to junk food section first! Please?

JC: No.

Lance: Can we go to the cosmetics section first?

JC: No.

Chris: Can we go to the candy section?

JC: No.

Justin: I'm going to the condom section. I gots TA be ready for de fine 
honeys... knowhutimsayin??

JC: No, not really. We're going to the drugs section first. I need some 

Lance: Oh man! 

*Joey and Chris run off to pick up a cart. Chris in the cart, Joey 
they whoosh past JC*

JC: Muttered: Whatever!

*JC clutters a bunch of drugs into the cart and looks up to see Lance 
still with him. *

JC: Fine. Let's go to cosmetics.

Lance: Oh Goody!!

*JC and Lance head off to cosmetics*

*Justin starts talking to the clerk girl at the stand*

Justin: Hey fine baby whatcha doing tonight?

*The girl slaps him and leaves. Justin shrugs, grabs a few condoms and 
walking back*

*Joey and Chris stopped in front of a pile of towels and toilet paper*

Joey: Chris I'm getting really tired!

Chris: Of course you are you fat lard. I'm keeping you in shape. Now 
push me 
some more.

Joey: No, no, no, no, no!

Chris: Stop being an idiot! Now push!

Joey: (in rage) FINE! 

*Joey pushes the cart into the tower of towels and toilet paper as it 
falls on Chris. Joey smiles and 

notices Justin walking to JC. Joey catches up to when they find JC. 
throws in a bunch of 

condoms with the drugs and cosmetics. *

JC: How many girls Justin? Gosh.

Justin: Whutseva! Ah am THE Justin... I'm a machine! don't know what 

JC: Ok..we don't need to know your sex life. Where's Chris?

*Joey smiles*

JC: Okay! an approved look: We're going to meats now.

Joey: I'll get the junk food!

JC: Whatever. Justin go with him.

Justin: Sure thing bro!

*Justin and Joey wander off*

JC: Lance go get some fruit.

Lance: All by myself? 

JC: (Not paying attention) yeah...all by yourself. Be a big gir..er. I 

Lance: What did you say? (picking up a package of meat).

JC: Be a big boy get the stupid fruit!

Lance: *throwing the meat in viciously* FINE! 

*Lance walks off*

JC: Thanx i needed that! ::pushes the cart off::

Joey: OoOoH chips!

Justin: Yo retard yo don't open tha bag now!

*justin takes the bag and puts it on the shelf and grabs another one*

Joey: Oh...Hey look!

Justin: OH gawd!

Lance OoOoH pretty...these apples will go well with the kitchen!! Oh 
and some 
bananas! Pretty 


*Chris stomping to Lance after his push in the toilet paper...*

Lance: What happened hone...er i mean CHRIS?

Chris: Oh shut up. get the lettuce and lets go!

*3 carts filled to the max go to the register*

JC: okay whos gonna pay? *looking at his drugs*

*Guys look at each other and JET*