N Sync Fun Facts

33. Chris is a HUGE football fan. He played it in junior high and high school and now he cheers on his fave home-state teams, the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers and Penn State's Nittany Lions.

34. Justin starred in The Wonderful World of Disney feature "Janine and Alex: Cover Girls," which filmed in Toronto in 1999 and aired on ABC in March 2000.

35. Lance once toured with the United States' No. 1 show choir, the Mississippi Show Stoppers.

36. Joey had a childhood crush on actress Demi Moore.

37. JC's most popular character on "The Mickey Mouse Club" was Clarence "Wipeout" Adams, a hilarious dude with surfer attitude.

38. Lance is taking college correspondence courses from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln (same a Britney Spears). His major? Business administration.

39. Remember *NSync's big break, the group's "In Concert" special for the Disney Channel? It was actually supposed to be the Backstreet Boys' big night, but that group backed out, paving the way for *NSync to skyrocket to superstar status.

40. Ever catch a glimpse of the Superman chain Joey sports, or the tattoo on his right ankle? It's because he's a freak for the Man of Stell. He collects tons of superhero memorabilia, including his fave-a vinyl Superman record album from the '60s. Joey even has been known to wear Superman T-shirts and jerseys on stage that had been given to him by fans only a few minutes earlier!

41. Lance and Chris are both afraid of heights, but both them faced their fears to fly out over the screaming crowds during the song "Sailing" on *NSync's "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" tour.

42. The other guys nicknamed Lance "Scoop" or "Stealth" for the way this seemingly shy guy works the ladies.

43. Joey sang in "The Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue" at Universal Studios Florida. Maybe you caught him in his werewolf wear or vampire gear during a family vacation.

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