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Here is the place to be to read fan encounters! You have found it, if you have an encounter you would like to share, send it to lazydaisy15@yahoo.com ! I am not a picky person, I would love to hear that you waved at Joey, you touch Lance's hand, or made eye contact with Justin, just tell me about it, everybody would love to hear! For right now we have only three fan encounters so they are going to be posted right here! Enjoy!

The Limo

Ok this is probably my closest encounter with nsync, my mom had gone to get her cell phone and me and my sister had heard the radio station say that they were going to give away backstage passes before the show, so we wandered around and asked this police man where gate c was and he told me. And what was weird was that they were behind this open barricade and wouldn't let the fans go through, it didn't click till it happened. Me and my sister walked away from them and stood like right close to the road waiting for my mom when I noticed a limo coming down the road! And low-and-behold it was nsync in the limo and I hadn't realized it till they had passed. I was so embarrassed because they had all turned their heads and looked at us! woo-hoo! And my sis was like, "I saw Lance, I saw Lance!" "Why Me!" is all I have to say about that!

Jordan Knight Doll

I will never forget the day I met 'N SYNC, as long as I live. I got to Irvine Meadows with my boyfriend at around three o'clock an August 19, 1999. We decided to walk around for a few minutes before we went to get in line. When we got into line, I started to talk to the group of girls in front of me. I asked them if any of them knew how to get Meet & Greet passes, none of them did. I asked them if they would be willing to go with me to look for some, since my boyfriend would save our place for us. We went around asking the staff if they knew how we could get some, and all they would say was that there were some people inside with them. When we saw we were getting no where with them we got back in line. About fifteen minutes later my boyfriend saw a bus off in the distance and asked us if that was their bus. When we looked up and saw that it was in fact their bus, we took off running towards it. I hopped up on the fence with my camara in hand to take a picture of them, if saw them. When I saw Joey's brother, Steven, I got so nervous I forgot to take a picture. When I got down and started walking back towards the line, I remembered I did not have my tickets in hand. I thought I had dropped them, when I went back to look for them, I could not find them, I thought I had lost them, but I found them in my purse. After that heart pounding experience, we went back to the line. We pretty much stayed there until the concert, we did a few minor things. We talked about different things about the guys of 'N SYNC and Jordan Knight, who was also preforming. I had with me my stuffed Jordan Knight doll. When we got inside the gates, we went to the Kellogg's booth, to see if any of us could win a Meet & Greet pass. While standing in line I saw 'N SYNC Stage Manager, Anthony, and gave my
boyfriend my stuff to give Tony The Tiger, and I took off after him. I got him to stop about half way up the hill. I was running behind him in a dress and platforms. When I told him that I had a heart problem and that I really wanted to meet the guys, he said he was sorry that he could not help me, because he did not have any more passes. After that I went back to the line with Tony The Tiger, and stood there, to see if I could win a pass. Well I did not win! So by this point, I had pretty much given up all hope. I stopped to talk to a few girls that were still in line, for a minute or so. I no more than walked away from them and there was Johnny Wright, "N SYNC's Manager. I stopped
him and asked him for his autograph, I showed him my Jordan Knight doll and said that I had been a fan of him since I was twelve years old, and asked him if he knew how I could meet him. He told me that I would have to find someone who worked with Jordan. Then I asked him if there was any way I could meet 'N SYNC, he told me that the Meet & Greet was already over. A minute or so later told me that I could have a pass just to keep. When I got the pass from him I still
decided to run, I did not have a clue where to go, other than towards the stage. I ran faster than I ever did before. I got down by the stage, and asked some guys who worked there where to go, but all they did was act like a bunch of jerks. I was about ready to cry. Then there was a female who worked there, and she told me where to go. I thanked her and ran over to where she had told me to go. I asked the people if the Meet & Greet was over , and they told me to put my pass on and get in line. So I did, but then I realized I did not have anything for the guys to sign. my
boyfriend went to get a picture for them to sign. He also got me one of Lance, since he knows that I like him. While I was standing in line there was a little boy, who was about to cry because he wanted to meet 'N SYNC. I asked my boyfriend to come and pick him up so he could at least see 'N SYNC. When the little boy looked over the fence, he said, " I See J.C." and he was so happy. When I got to the gate, I felt like I was going to be really sick. The lady smiled at me and
said remember to breath. When I saw Justin I was fine. Chris looked up at me and I said, "Hi, Chris!" and he said,"Hi!" back. When I got to Justin, I asked him for two autographs and he was happy to do it for me. Chris gave me a hug when I got to him and he asked me about my heart surgery scar. Lance made the comment that he really liked my Jordan Knight doll, and said that he had been looking for one, because he wanted to get one. I asked him if he wanted mine, he kept telling me that he could not take mine. When I kept telling him that he could have mine, he told me that he would only do it on on condition. He said I needed to give him a really big hug, and when I did I never wanted to let go of him. I felt myself melt into him. After I handed him the doll, I leaned into him and said,"You to can look like that in six months!" Joey started laughing really hard and Chris said," You know she's right." Joey gave me a hug when I got to him, he did not
really have much to say. J.C. asked me about my Jordan Knight stuff and told me that it was really cool that I was supporting both them and Jordan. I told him that I had been a fan of Jordan since I was twelve. I never wanted to leave them. They were all soooooo sweet! I can not wait until next time. 

Justin's Family
I have never met them or seen them (besides at a concert) but I did meet Justin's family! On August 4th, 1999, I went to Nashville, TN to see them in concert. We stayed at a hotel really close to the arena they were playing in. Well when we first arrived this girl came up to my and my best friend and said Justin's family was staying in this hotel too! To make a long story short... we ended up meeting his whole family (well like grandma, her name is Bobbie Timberlake, uncles, cousins... etc!) and Bobbie was so nice that she took a pic w/ us! :o) She said Justin is such a sweet boy and she would love me to meet him! I almost freaked... well that's it! not much... but that's the closet I have gotten to *Nsync!!
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The Fun Concert
Well, I had tickets to a concert, and had 2nd row seats. The whole time during the concert, Lance, Joey, and Justin kept looking at me and my friend. After the concert was over, we went to the afterparty that they had there. Well, when N SYNC came through, they passed us, and asked if we were the girls in the 2nd row, and we said yes, and they invited us to go sit with them in the VIP area.. IT was SOOO awesome. When they come back again, they said they're gonna get us backstage passes b/c they loved hangin with us so much. I can't wait! Maria, KY