on site, me, and whatever.

Made by: Donna

Hosted by: Tripod and Angelfire! Those two have the pop-up banners!

Made in: Frontpage 2000, I do know html believe me, but this program is so handy and I can whip up webpages quickly!
Graphics Made in: Image Composer, Photo Editor, and Fireworks.

Use to be called N Sync World but then I noticed there was to many of that! Then this site was born. But before that it was a site with nsync and bsb pics. I can't remember excatly when I started making the nsync sites, I think in August of '98. Before nsync sites, I made personal sites, and I started that in 1996 with learning html!

I have three certificates, one in JavaScript, Creating Web Pages, and Advanced Web Pages. I have to frame them, they were hard work! lol! I took them just recently. Now I can't tell you they made me a better designer but they got me comfortable with html and javascript. And they cleared up some confusion I had about them! All added up I have 7.2 C. E. U.s. The next class I'm taking is Creating Web Graphics, because I really suck at that! lol!

I have helpers with this website! They basicly give me ideas, tell me with problems, and