Webmaster Survey

To fully complete this survey you would have to run your own website. But if you still want to take it and don't have a website go ahead.

What do people call you?

Where do they send their electronic mail?

What is your site's URL?

How long has your website been up?

What program do you use to make it?

Are you familiar with HTML?

How did you learn it?

Did anyone help you?

Did you have to take classes to learn it?

How do you get more people to come to your site?

From a fellow webmasters point of view. What do you think of my website?

What do you think I could do to improve it?

I use FrontPage 2000 to make this entire site. What is your opinion on that?

What graphics program do you use for your graphics?

I use Image Composer...and hope soon I'll be using Paint Shop Pro. Have you used Paint Shop Pro before?

Is there any site that you look to for inspiration?

Have you ever had your site reviewed?

Would you like me to review yours?

Have you linked my site?

Wait...is this your first time here?

Have you submitted your site into a search engine?